Shopify VS Amazon: Which eCommerce Platform will be a Wise Choice?

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Shopify VS Amazon: Which Platform Will be A Wise Choice?

Shopify vs Amazon has been a hot topic among the retail owners when they decide to dive into an ecommerce online store. If you are currently confused between the two ecommerce giants – Shopify & Amazon- hopefully we can help you with that!
None of two less than each other when it comes to selling online, both two is big names in the eCommerce industry. So how to decide which ecommerce platform will be right for you?
Today, we will take you on a ride of benefits, key features and consequence of each so that you can better decide which one drive business growth better?

Big Differences: Shopify & Amazon

Are you fishing for the right ecommerce platform? Let’s address the elephant in the room;
No doubt Amazon and Shopify is an ecommerce giant in the online business world. Both offers seamless and big platform to list your products in front the huge audience but still they are different. Know here:
  • Shopify lets you clinch the big audience by creating own online ecommerce store. Whereas, Amazon itself a big online store to put your product on limelight with the help of Amazon automation software or third party Amazon sellers.

  • Selling on Shopify ecommerce platform is like renting a place to run your shop. In Amazon, you sell your products in a massive supermarket.

With shopify, you have to manage everything from taking orders to manage deliveries, find customers and advertise your stocks. Contrary to that, Amazon offer Amazon FBA software services to automate your ecommerce online store.

Amazon is like a supermarket or a Mall where you have presented your items for sale. People will walk by it and if they find it attractive & cheaper, they will come back to your store for buying it.
And if we look on their average sale, alone in US made $729.76 billion sales in 2022 and will continue to grow. Whereas, shopify platform sold $82 billion products in the last year.

How to Use These Platforms?

If we talk about their usage, both are low-hanging fruit. We know for a layman it’s little bit overwhelming to setup an ecommerce empire by own but we can help you! You can communicate with our ecommerce expert to set up an ecommerce store for you!
Both Amazon and Shopify are very easy to use as they have been designed with onboarding setup process which makes easier for a new freebie to start selling online. You can go on flow to list your products with super easy navigation!
In Shopify, you have been provided with powerful sales tools to analyze and market your products. But in Amazon you have an option to sit relax and enjoy earning because has Amazon FBA software to work on your behalf. Amazon takes one of the biggest headaches of an ecommerce- shipping by assigning a third party Amazon seller.
Shopify offers its own theme of course more paid and limited free edition. You can edit, customize and change the look as you want for your business. Unfortunately, Amazon doesn’t give this opportunity to you! Your product will be listed on the Amazon’s store layout. Moreover, your competitor’s product will also in the same page maybe be next to yours. It means there are chances of losing customers if they found other products more appealing than you!

Now Let us dig into awesome features of both Amazon & Shopify that keep the visitors glued to your store:

Shopify Features:

  • Logo Maker.

  • Business Name Generator.

  • Slogan Maker

  • Pay Stub Generator.

  • QR Code Generator.

Amazon Features:
  • Amazon Automation

  • Fulfillment by Amazon Software.

  • Amazon Handmade.

  • Global Selling.

  • Access Amazon Prime Customers.

  • Create Targeted Adverts.

  • Dropshipping Automation

  • Backordering automation.

What are the Charges and Transact ion Costs?

Credit/Debit cards payment. Likewise, Shopify offers Shopify payment gateway to purchase the stocks. To know more about the cost for individual seller, professional sellers, contact our professionals today!
To conclude, Shopify is a wise choice for the new ecommerce business to build own online store but if you are an existing ecommerce business, then you can use Amazon as your ecommerce platform to transfixed visitors eyes on you!
Whatever your ecommerce platform is, audience remains the main core of an online business. Contact our expert to guide you better!

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