Tessabella Jelten

Tessabella Jelten is widely acclaimed as a marketing strategist, business coach and digital marketing educator in the U.S. today. Her journey began directly out of high school, when she began her career as a bootstrapped real estate investor. Upon attending the ‘university of Google’ she made it her mission to determine the best way to acquire properties, raise capital, brand and market them and navigate the ins and outs of real estate. 

Through this process, she successfully built a name for herself remodeling and restoring historic properties. The entire time, she was documenting the process through social media, and building a brand which later became a residential real estate team partnered with the NBA’s Phoenix Suns. 

Through years of real estate and marketing experience in the field, Tessabella developed a unique approach to building, scaling and branding companies. Through strategic networking, years of hard work and a relentless passion for her work, she’s gone on to work with some of the largest names, brands and influencers around the world. 

Today she resides in sunny Scottsdale Arizona and supports the Champion team as their Chief Operating Officer, and head of customer interactions.